About Us

Welcome to "Let's Watch It Again", a podcast that brings together the art of storytelling and the world of cinema. Here, host Rob Lee engages in riveting conversations about film with a diverse lineup of guests - from close friends to notable figures from his arts & culture podcast, The Truth In This Art.

Each episode explores beyond the confines of a traditional movie review. We delve deep into the oral history of the film, unearthing intriguing trivia that gives new insights into well-loved classics and contemporary masterpieces alike. With every conversation, we challenge popular opinions and shed light on overlooked aspects of the cinematic experience.

"Let's Watch It Again" is more than just a podcast—it's a community of movie lovers, a forum for dialogue, and a fresh perspective on what it means to truly appreciate film. We invite you to join the conversation, rewatch the classics, and discover the magic of cinema through a different lens.

Ready to dive into a captivating journey through film history and trivia? Check out our episodes here.